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Prince Heinrich XV of Reuss-Plauen

Austrian Field Marshal

Died when: 74 years 189 days (894 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Prince Heinrich XV of Reuss-Plauen

Prince Heinrich XV of Reuss-Plauen, Viceroy of Lombardy-Venetia (22 February 1751 – 30 August 1825) was the fourth of six sons born into the reigning family of the Principality of Reuss.

At the age of fifteen he joined the army of the Habsburg Monarchy and later fought against Ottoman Turkey.During the French Revolutionary Wars he became a general officer and saw extensive service.

He commanded a corps during the Napoleonic Wars.From 1801 until his death, he was Proprietor (Inhaber) of an Austrian infantry regiment.

Prince Heinrich came to the attention of the Habsburg king in his thirties.After distinguishing himself in battle against the Turks, the emperor promoted him to command an infantry regiment.

He served against the French First Republic in the Flanders Campaign and was promoted to the rank of general.The year 1796 found him leading Austrian troops against the army of Napoleon Bonaparte.

In the following year he commanded a division.In 1799 Prince Heinrich fought against France in Germany and Switzerland.He led a division in northern Italy during the War of the Third Coalition.

In the Danube campaign of 1809, he started out leading a division and ended the war in command of a corps.

In 1813, he led a successful diplomatic effort to cause the Kingdom of Bavaria to change sides and join the Allies against Napoleon.

Into his seventies he served Austria in various military and civil positions.

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