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Prince Mahmud Namik Efendi

Grandson of Mehmed VReşad

Died when: 49 years 325 days (598 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Prince Mahmud Namik Efendi

Şehzade Mahmud Namık (Ottoman Turkish: شهزاده محمود نامك‎ ;23 December 1913 – 13 November 1963) was an Ottoman prince, the only son of Şehzade Ömer Hilmi, and his second wife Gülnev Hanım.

He was the grandson of Sultan Mehmed V Reşad and Mihrengiz Kadın.Mahmud Namık was an active member of the "Zohriya Set", a group of exiled members of the Ottoman dynasty who lived in the Cairo suburb of Maadi along with members of the Egyptian Royal family and their entourage.

Mahmud Namık was implicated in the "Restoration Plot" to overthrow Gamal Abdel Nasser and replace him on the restored throne with Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim. his trial and subsequent imprisonment made headlines around the world.

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