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Prodyot Coomar Tagore

Indian philanthropist

Died when: 68 years 345 days (827 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Prodyot Coomar Tagore

Maharaja Bahadur Sir Prodyot Coomar Tagore KCIE (17 September 1873 – 28 August 1942) was a leading land owner, philanthropist, art collector, and photographer in Kolkata, India.

He belonged to the Pathuriaghata branch of the Tagore family.Prodyot Coomar was the eldest son and heir of Sir Jatindramohan Tagore (1831–1908), who had been honoured with the hereditary title of Maharaja Bahadur in 1891.

Like Jatindramohun himself, Prodyot Coomar was adopted.His biological father was Sourindra Mohan Tagore (1840–1915), who was Jatindramohun's brother.Prodyot Coomar's natural and adoptive fathers were men of "learning, taste and enlightenment".

Sourindra Mohan was a distinguished musician and musical scholar.

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