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Pryce Pryce-Jones

British politician

Died when: 85 years 56 days (1021 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Pryce Pryce-Jones

Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones (16 October 1834 – 11 January 1920) was a Welsh entrepreneur who formed the first mail order business, revolutionising how products were sold.

Creating the first mail order catalogues – which consisted of woollen goods – for the first time customers could order by post, and the goods were delivered by railway.

Pryce-Jones became hugely successful in the United Kingdom, with his high-profile customers including Florence Nightingale and Queen Victoria.His business also took off overseas, selling Welsh flannel to the rest of Europe, the United States followed by Australia.

During the 1870s he took part in exhibitions all over the world, winning several awards, and he became world famous.

The Queen knighted him in 1887.

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