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Qandeel Baloch

Pakistani model, actress

Died when: 26 years 136 days (316 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Qandeel Baloch

Fouzia Azeem (Urdu: فوزیہ عظیم‎; 1 March 1990 – 15 July 2016), known by her stage name Qandeel Baloch (Urdu: قندیل بلوچ‎), was a Pakistani model, actress, social media celebrity and activist.

She was the country's first social media celebrity.Azeem rose to prominence due to her videos on social networks discussing her daily routine, her rights as a Pakistani woman, and various controversial issues.

Baloch first received recognition from the media in 2013, when she auditioned for Pakistan Idol; her audition became popular and she became an Internet celebrity.

She was one of the top 10 most searched for persons on the internet in Pakistan and both celebrated and criticised for the content of her videos and posts.

During the evening of 15 July 2016, Qandeel was strangled to death while she slept in her parents' house in Multan.Her brother Waseem Azeem confessed to the murder saying she was "bringing disrepute" to the "family's honour".

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