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Qaysin Quli

Soviet writer

Died when: 67 years 215 days (811 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Qaysin Quli

Kaisyn Shuvayevich Kuliev or Qaysin Quli (Russian: Кайсы́н Шува́евич Кули́ев, tr.

Kaisyn Shuvayevich Kuliyev;Karachay-Balkar: Къулийланы Шууаны жашы Къайсын, romanized: Quliylanı Şuwanı caşı Qaysın; 1 November 1917 – 4 June, 1985) was a Balkar poet.

He wrote in the Karachay-Balkar language and his poems are widely translated to most languages in Soviet Union, such as Russian, Ossetian, Lithuanian, Belorussian, Armenian, and to many others languages of the former Republics of the Soviet Union and worldwide.

Kaisyn Kuliev's books were published in 140 languages of Europe, Asia and America.

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