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Rajendralal Mitra

Bengali scholar

Died when: 67 years 161 days (809 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Rajendralal Mitra

Raja Rajendralal Mitra (16 February 1822 – 26 July 1891) was among the first Indian cultural researcher and historian writing in English.A polymath, and a member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, he was a pioneer figure in the Bengali Renaissance.

He was an Indian Sanskrit critic.Mitra belonged to a respected family of Bengal writers.After studying by himself, he was hired in 1846 as a librarian in the "Asian Society of Bengal", for which he then worked throughout his life as second secretary, vice president and finally as the first native president in 1885.

Mitra published a number of Sanskrit texts (due to lack of accuracy early obsolete) mainly in Bibliotheca indica and major works The antiquities of Orissa (2 volumes, 1875-80), Bodh Gaya (1878), Indo-Aryans (2 volumes, 1881) and more.

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