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Raul Solnado

Actor and comedian

Died when: 79 years 293 days (957 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Raul Solnado

Raul Augusto de Almeida Solnado GCIH OIH (19 October 1929 - 8 August 2009) was a popular Portuguese actor and comedian.He was born in Lisbon's neighborhood, and first appeared on stage there.

In his long career, he developed many comic pieces that have become classics.His humour was, at the time (especially considering Portugal was still under the dictatorial Salazar regime), both unexpected and fresh.

It included a lot of nonsense, and stories making fun of daily life.He often played an ingenuous poor man, whose life was neither good or bad.

He portrayed characters with conviction and humor.His best material included pieces written by him, such as "Ida ao médico" ("At the doctor"), and others based on Spanish comedian Miguel Gila’s material: (“A guerra de 1908” / “The war of 1908” and “História da minha vida” / “The story of my life”).

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