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Richard Condon

Political novelist

Died when: 81 years 22 days (972 months)
Star Sign: Pisces

Richard Thomas Condon (March 18, 1915 – April 9, 1996) was an American political novelist.Though his works were satire, they were generally transformed into thrillers or semi-thrillers in other media, such as cinema.

All 26 books were written in distinctive Condon style, which combined a fast pace, outrage, and frequent humor while focusing almost obsessively on monetary greed and political corruption.

Condon himself once said: "Every book I've ever written has been about abuse of power.I feel very strongly about that.

I'd like people to know how deeply their politicians wrong them." Condon's books were occasionally bestsellers, and a number of his books were made into films; he is primarily remembered for his 1959 The Manchurian Candidate and, many years later, a series of four novels about a family of New York gangsters named Prizzi.

Condon's writing was known for its complex plotting, fascination with trivia, and loathing for those in power; at least two of his books featured thinly disguised versions of Richard Nixon.

His characters tend to be driven by obsession, usually sexual or political, and family loyalty.His plots often have elements of classical tragedy, with protagonists whose pride leads them to destroy what they love.

Some of his books, most notably Mile High (1969), are perhaps best described as secret history.And Then We Moved to Rossenarra is a humorous autobiographical recounting of various places in the world where he had lived and his family's 1970s move to Rossenarra, Co.

Kilkenny, Ireland.

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