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Richard Delafield

Union Army general

Died when: 75 years 65 days (902 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Richard Delafield

Richard Delafield (September 1, 1798 – November 5, 1873) was a United States Army officer for 52 years.He served as superintendent of the United States Military Academy for 12 years.

At the start of the American Civil War, then Colonel Delafield helped equip and send volunteers from New York to the Union Army.

He also was in command of defenses around New York harbor from 1861 to April 1864.On April 22, 1864, he was promoted to brigadier general in the Regular Army of the United States and Chief of Engineers.

On March 8, 1866, President Andrew Johnson nominated Delafield for appointment to the grade of brevet major general in the Regular Army, to rank from March 13, 1865, and the United States Senate confirmed the appointment on May 4, 1866, reconfirmed due to a technicality on July 14, 1866.

He retired from the US Army on August 8, 1866.He later served on two commissions relating to improvements to Boston Harbor and to lighthouses.

He also served as a regent of the Smithsonian Institution.

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