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Ruby Muhammad

"Mother of the Nation of Islam"

Died when: 103 years 347 days (1247 months)
Star Sign: Pisces

Ruby Macie Muhammad (née ' ' Grier) (March 20, 1907 – March 2, 2011) was an African American religious figure and centenarian known as the "Mother of the Nation of Islam." She was born on a farm in Sandersville, Georgia and grew up in Americus.

No birth certificate exists to confirm her age, and it has been reported with significant disparity, although she claimed in newspaper interviews that she was born Ruby Macie Grayer on March 20, 1897.

Recent research, however, suggests she was born in 1907, a decade later, based on the listing of Ruby Macie Grier, recorded as aged 3, in the 1910 census.

Her mother, born in 1889, died when she was very young, and she was raised by a woman she called her aunt, although she would later say that this woman was probably not her biological aunt.

She did not know her father until she was a teenager.Community records in Sandersville, where she was born, indicate her father died at age 107 and her great-grandfather died at age 110.

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