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Serajuddin Hossain

Bangladeshi journalist

Died when: 42 years 284 days (513 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Serajuddin Hossain

Serajuddin Hossain (1 March 1929 – 10 December 1971) was a prominent Bangladeshi journalist.He was the news and executive editor of The Daily Ittefaq.

He was captured from his residence by the Pakistan army with the help of Al-Badr and Razakar.He was not only a prominent journalist, but was also considered to be a good writer and translator.

He was very close to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.He was the first to introduce investigative reporting into Bangla newspaper.During the 1971 liberation war, the country was occupied by the Pakistani army.

During this time, Serajuddin Hossain wrote in the newspaper on behalf of the liberation war, and secretly helped the freedom fighters.

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