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Simon Kuznets

American economist and statistician

Died when: 84 years 69 days (1010 months)
Star Sign: Taurus

Simon Smith Kuznets was born in the Russian Empire, today Belarus in the town of Pinsk to Lithuanian-Jewish parents, in the year 1901.

He completed his schooling, first at the Rivne, then, Kharkiv Realschule of present-day Ukraine.In 1918, Kuznets entered the Kharkiv Institute of Commerce where he studied economic sciences, statistics, history and mathematics under the guidance of professors P.

Fomin (political economy), A.Antsiferov (statistics), V.Levitsky (economic history and economic thought), S.Bernstein (probability theory), V.Davats (mathematics), and others.

Basic academic courses at the Institute helped him to acquire "exceptional" erudition in economics, as well as in history, demography, statistics and natural sciences.

According to the institute's curriculum, development of the national economies had to be analyzed in the wider context of changes in connected spheres and with involvement of proper methods and empirical data.

There he began to study economics and became exposed to Joseph Schumpeter's theory of innovation and the business cycle.At the turn of 1920–1921 years, the normal course in the institute was interrupted by the events of the Civil War and reorganizations undertaken by the Soviet authorities in the sphere of the higher education.

There is no precise information whether Kuznets continued his studies at the institute, but it is known that he joined the Department of Labor of UZHBURO (South Bureau) of the Central Council of Trade Unions.

There he published his first scientific paper, "Monetary wages and salaries of factory workers in Kharkov in 1920"; he explored the dynamics of different types of wages by industries in Kharkov and income differentiation, depending on the wage system.

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