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Smoke Dawg

Canadian rapper

Died when: 21 years 224 days (259 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio

{{Infobox musical artist| name = Halal Gang| image = HalalGangLogo.png| caption = | image_size = | background = group_or_band| origin = Toronto, Ontario, Canada| genre = Canadian hip hop| years_active = 2010–present| label = | associated_acts = * Prime Boys * Big Lean * Giggs * AJ Tracey * Jay Whiss | current_members = Puffy L'zSafeYoung SmokeHG PaperboyMo-G[[Mustafa the Poet]| past_members = Smoke Dawg (deceased)| website = halalgangmerch.bigcartel.com}} Halal Gang is a Canadian hip hop collective based in Toronto, Ontario.

The name stems from the preponderance of the group having Muslim origins with East African and Caribbean Canadian roots.The group was established in 2010 as a group of youths from Regent Park inspired to make music.

Its original carnation includes Puffy L'z.Mustafa the Poet, Mo-G, Safe and Smoke Dawg.Mo-G's infrequent involvement in Halal Gang having made videos featuring himself solely have prompted his fans to beg him to reestablish himself into the rap group.

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