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Thomas Laird Kennedy

Canadian politician

Died when: 80 years 182 days (965 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Thomas Laird Kennedy

Thomas Laird Kennedy (August 15, 1878 – February 13, 1959) was a politician in Ontario, Canada, and served briefly as the 15th premier of Ontario, from 1948 to 1949.

He was first elected as the Conservative member for Peel in the 1919 provincial election.He had been a longtime resident of Streetsville (now part of Mississauga), Ontario, where he was master of River Park Masonic Lodge in 1908 and 1909.

Kennedy was first appointed Minister of Agriculture in 1930 by Premier Howard Ferguson and continued in the position under Premier George S.

Henry until the Conservative government's defeat in the 1934 provincial election.Kennedy was a casualty in the election losing his seat to the landslide that elected the government of Liberal Mitchell Hepburn.

Kennedy returned to the legislature in the 1937 election and returned to government when the newly renamed Progressive Conservatives won the 1943 election.

The new premier, George Drew, returned Kennedy to the position of Minister of Agriculture he had held a decade previously.

Drew moved to federal politics in 1948 after losing his own seat in the 1948 provincial election which, nevertheless, re-elected the Tory government.

Following Drew's departure, Kennedy was named interim leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, and thus also Premier of Ontario.

He remained so for seven months until the party could hold its April 27, 1949 leadership convention.The convention elected Leslie Frost as the new party leader, who succeeded Kennedy as Premier on May 4, 1949.

Kennedy remained as Agriculture Minister until 1953, when he stepped down from Cabinet at the age of 75.He remained a member of the legislature until his death in 1959.

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