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Thu Maung

Burmese actor

Died when: 59 years 64 days (710 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Thu Maung

Thu Maung (Burmese: သုမောင် [θṵ màʊɰ̃]; 13 March 1951 – 16 May 2010; born Bala) was a Myanmar Academy Award-winning film actor, singer as well as a distinguished writer and director.

Throughout his film career, Thu Maung acted in over 40 films.He was born in Rangoon, Burma to parents U Thadu, a well-known author and director, and Daw Khin Nyo.

Thu Maung was educated at St.Paul's High School.In 1966, he was admitted into the Government Technical High School, where he subsequently obtained a diploma in diesel engineering in 1969.

During this period, he began writing poems and short stories for the Yuwadi Journal (ယုဝတီ ဂျာနယ်).

In 1970, he published his first short story, Thanakha Yay Kye Kye (သနပ်ခါးရေကျဲကျဲ) under the pen name Oke Soe in the Wut Hmone Journal.

Thu Maung made his acting debut in the 1974 film Chit San Na Mu (ချစ်စံနမူ), becoming a popular screen actor throughout the 1970s.

In 1990, he was awarded with the Myanmar Academy Award for his performance in the movie Khun Hna Sin A Lwan (ခုနှစ်စဉ်အလွမ်း).

Thu Maung began his song career in 1974, writing Pan U Pan Me for the film Naung Ta Myay Myay (နှောင်းတမြေ့မြေ့၊), and wrote over 2,00 songs throughout the course of his career.

He participated Iowa International Writing Program together with in 2001.Thu Maung died in Yangon on 16 May 2010 at the Thukha Gaba private clinic of liver disease.

His son Pho Thaukkya is also a film actor and singer.His brother, Min Lu, also a reputed writer, died in Yangon in 2013.

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