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William I, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg

Count of Nassau-Dillenburg

Died when: 72 years 179 days (869 months)
Star Sign: Aries


William I, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg

Count William I of Nassau-Siegen (10 April 1487 – 6 October 1559), German: Wilhelm I.Graf von Nassau-Siegen, official titles: Graf zu Nassau, Katzenelnbogen, Vianden und Diez, nicknamed ‘the Elder’ (German: ‘der Ältere’) or ‘the Rich’ (German: ‘der Reiche’), was since 1516 Count of Nassau-Siegen (a part of the County of Nassau) and of half Diez.

He descended from the Ottonian Line of the House of Nassau.During his reign William introduced the Reformation in his countries.

But the most important issue during most of his reign was the dispute over the succession in the County of Katzenelnbogen with the Landgraviate of Hesse (German: Katzenelnbogische Erbfolgestreit).

William had a calm, balanced personality, but also a persistent character.He was firm and unwavering in his religious convictions, and steadfast and persistent in fighting for his rights in the Katzenelnbogische Erbfolgestreit.

Because of his prudent administration, he was a beloved ruler among his subjects.And his diplomatic strength of persuasion earned him a large number of mediation assignments in the Holy Roman Empire.

William’s reign was one of the most remarkable periods in the history of his house.He managed to significantly expand the territorial possessions of his county several times, and prepare others.

The separation of the churches, and in its wake his acceptance and introduction of the Lutheran religion, led to his involvement in the political dealings of his time, the Schmalkaldic League, the religious disputes and the Peace of Passau.

Under difficult circumstances, with political wisdom and experience, he managed to protect the interests of his house through courage combined with moderation and thereby laid the foundations for its later flourishing.

In Dutch history however, he is mainly known as being just the father of Prince William ‘the Silent’.

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