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Willis Blatchley

American scientist

Died when: 80 years 235 days (967 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Willis Blatchley

Willis Stanley Blatchley (October 6, 1859, North Madison, Connecticut - May 28, 1940, Indianapolis, Indiana) was an American entomologist, malacologist, geologist, and author.His studies included Coleoptera, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, and the freshwater molluscs of Indiana.

Blatchley described several taxa.His home in Dunedin, Florida, the Willis S.Blatchley House, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

He was born in Connecticut and his parents moved to Indiana in 1860 a year later.He attended high school in Bainbridge and enrolled at Indiana University in 1883, graduating with a B.A. in 1887 and an M.A. in 1891.

There he worked under ichthyologist David Starr Jordan and geologist John Casper Branner.Blatchley received an honorary degree (LL.D.) from Indiana University in 1921.

From 1887-1893 he taught at Terre Haute High School where he was Head of the Science Department from 1887-1893.From 1894-1910 he was State Geologist for Indiana.

After being defeated for re-election in 1911, he retired from public office, but continued his natural history work as an amateur.

Though much of his work focused on the fauna of Indiana, he traveled to Arkansas, Alaska, Florida, Canada, Mexico, and South America (1922–23).

Blatchley married Clara A.Fordice (or Fordyce?, 1854–1928), of Russellville, Indiana, on May 2, 1882.They had two sons, Raymond Silliman Blatchley (February 11, 1883 – September 27, 1953, Los Angeles--biography) and Ralph F.

Blatchley (1885–1955, Dunedin, Florida).

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