Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 28-Feb

Died on This Day (28-Feb)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
André Previn André Previn André George Previn KBE was a German-American pianist, composer, and conductor. German-born American conductor 89 1
George Kennedy George Kennedy George Harris Kennedy Jr. was an American actor who appeared in more than 100 film and television productions. American actor 91 4
Donald A. Glaser Donald A. Glaser Donald Arthur Glaser was an American physicist, neurobiologist, and the winner of the 1960 Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention of the bubble chamber used in subatomic particle physics. American physicist and neurobiologist 86 7
Jane Russell Jane Russell Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell was an American actress, singer, and model. Actress, Model 89 9
Daniel Boorstin Daniel Boorstin Daniel Joseph Boorstin was an American historian at the University of Chicago who wrote on many topics in American and world history. US Congress Librarian 89 16
Mary Stuart Mary Stuart Mary Stuart was an American actress, guitarist, singer, and songwriter. American actress 75 18
Abdul Rahim Khan Abdul Rahim Khan Air Marshal Abdur Rahim Khan HJ  HQA  SPk  SK  SBt was a three-star air officer who served as the last Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Air Force under President Yahya Khan, from 1969 until 1972. Pakistani diplomat 64 30
Joseph Nathaniel French Joseph Nathaniel French Joseph Nathaniel French, Sr. was an architect with Albert Kahn Associates from 1914 to 1967. American architect 86 45
John Harlan Willis John Harlan Willis John Harlan Willis was a United States Navy hospital corpsman who was killed in action during World War II while serving with a Marine Corps rifle company. United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient 23 75
Milorad Popović Šapčanin Milorad Popović Šapčanin Milorad Popović Šapčanin was a Serbian poet, writer, dramatist, pedagogue and educational reformer who exemplified Realism in his approach. Serbian writer 53 125
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Nicholas Mosley Nicholas Mosley Nicholas Mosley, 3rd Baron Ravensdale, 7th Baronet, MC, FRSL was an English novelist. English novelist 93 3
Hugo Brandt Corstius Hugo Brandt Corstius Hugo Brandt Corstius was a Dutch author, known for his achievements in both literature and science. Dutch computer scientist 78 6
Anders Kulläng Anders Kulläng Anders Göran Kulläng was a rally and rallycross driver. Rally driver 68 8
Gene Greytak Gene Greytak Gene Greytak was a real estate broker, who made a career as an actor by impersonating Pope John Paul II because of his facial resemblance to the pontiff. American actor 84 10
Fidel Sánchez Hernández Fidel Sánchez Hernández Fidel Sánchez Hernández was a Salvadoran military officer and politician who served as president of El Salvador from 1967 to 1972. President of El Salvador 85 17
Jean Vallette d Jean Vallette d'Osia Jean Vallette d'Osia was a French officer best known for his action in the French Resistance during World War II in Haute-Savoie, notably supervising the liberation of Lyon. French general 101 20
David Byron David Byron David Garrick , better known by his stage name David Byron, was a British singer, who was best known in the early 1970s as the lead vocalist with the rock band Uriah Heep. British singer 38 35
Ida Rauh Ida Rauh Ida Rauh was an American suffragist, actress, sculptor, and poet who helped found the Provincetown Players in 1915. American suffragist 92 50
Frederick Hallen Frederick Hallen Frederick Hallen was a Canadian-born vaudeville entertainer who found popularity on the North American stage. Canadian actor 61 100
Johann Christian Rosenmüller Johann Christian Rosenmüller [[File:|thumb|Johann Christian Rosenmüller]] Johann Christian Rosenmüller was a German anatomist born near Hildburghausen, Thuringia. German scientist 48 200