Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 27-Jun

Died on This Day (27-Jun)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Joe Jackson Joe Jackson Joseph Walter Jackson was an American talent manager and patriarch of the Jackson family of entertainers. Patriarch of the Jackson family 89 2
Bud Spencer Bud Spencer Carlo Pedersoli , known professionally as Bud Spencer, was an Italian actor, professional swimmer and water polo player. Italian actor, filmmaker and professional swimmer 86 4
Alain Mimoun Alain Mimoun Alain Mimoun, born Ali Mimoun Ould Kacha , was an Algerian-born French long-distance runner who competed in track events, cross-country running and the marathon. Algerian-born French long-distance runner 92 7
Elaine Stewart Elaine Stewart Elaine Stewart was an American actress and model. American actress, model 81 9
Shelby Foote Shelby Foote Shelby Dade Foote Jr. was an American writer, historian and journalist. Novelist, historian 88 15
Pierre Pflimlin Pierre Pflimlin Pierre Eugène Jean Pflimlin was a French Christian Democrat politician who served as the Prime Minister of the Fourth Republic for a few weeks in 1958, before being replaced by Charles de Gaulle during the crisis of that year. French politician 93 20
José Marrone José Marrone José Carlos Marrone was an Argentine actor and humorist. Argentine actor 74 30
Frank Archibald MacDougall Frank Archibald MacDougall Frank Archibald MacDougall was a Canadian pioneering forest ranger in Ontario, Canada. Forest Ranger and Aviator 79 45
Detleff Neumann-Neurode Detleff Neumann-Neurode Friedrich Wilhelm Detleff Ehrgott Neumann-Neurode was a pioneering German pediatric physical therapist. German pediatric physical therapist 65 75
George Villiers George Villiers George William Frederick Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon, KG, KP, GCB, PC was an English diplomat and statesman from the Villiers family. British diplomat 70 150
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Michael Bond Michael Bond Thomas Michael Bond CBE was a British author. He is best known for a series of fictional stories for children, featuring the character of Paddington Bear. British children's author 91 3
Chris Squire Chris Squire Christopher Russell Edward Squire was an English musician best known as the bassist, backing vocalist and a founding member of the progressive rock band Yes. Musician and founder of the prog rock band Yes 67 5
Don Grady Don Grady Don Louis Agrati , also known as Don Grady, was an American actor, composer, and musician. American actor, composer, and musician 68 8
Dolph Briscoe Dolph Briscoe Dolph Briscoe Jr. was an American rancher and businessman from Uvalde, Texas, who was the 41st governor of Texas between 1973 and 1979. American politician 87 10
George Patton IV George Patton IV George Smith Patton IV was a major general in the United States Army and the son of World War II General George S. U.S. Army general 80 16
Dominic Tang Dominic Tang Dominic Tang Yee-ming, S.J. was a Chinese Jesuit priest. Catholic bishop 87 25
Barney Bigard Barney Bigard Albany Leon "Barney" Bigard was an American jazz clarinetist known for his 15-year tenure with Duke Ellington. American musician 74 40
Carleton H. Wright Carleton H. Wright Carleton Herbert Wright was a rear admiral in the United States Navy . United States Navy admiral 78 50
Sophie Adlersparre Sophie Adlersparre Carin Sophie Adlersparre, known under the pen-name Esselde was one of the pioneers of the 19th-century women's rights movement in Sweden. Swedish women's rights activist 71 125
William Mansel William Mansel William Lort Mansel was an English churchman and Cambridge fellow. British bishop 67 200