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Abbas II of Persia

Shah of Iran

Died when: 33 years 299 days (405 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Abbas II of Persia

Shah Abbas II (Persian: شاه عباس دوم‎, romanized: Shāh Abbās) (28 January 1632 – 26 October 1666), was the seventh Safavid king (shah) of Iran, ruling from 1642 to 1666.

Born Soltan Mohammad Mirza, he was the eldest son of Safi I with his Circassian wife, Anna Khanum.Abbas II was undoubtedly the most capable and energetic Safavid shah after his great-grandfather Shah Abbas I the Great (r. 1588–1629), whom he in many aspects bore resemblance to.

Albeit Abbas II ascended the throne at the age of merely 9 years old, he showed considerable toughness and resolve—in 1645, no longer than three years after his succession, the grand vizier Saru Taqi was murdered by a faction of the Qizilbash led by the qurchi-bashi Jani Beg Khan Shamlu, one of the most influential administrators of the country; in the ensuing days, Abbas II had all the perpetrators put to death.

Similar to Abbas I, Abbas II possessed a strong dedication for fairness, and objections of misconduct and injustice by civil servants were promptly taken care of, whilst the responsible individuals were strictly penalized.

Abbas II was also a poet with the pen name Thani, writing in Azerbaijani Turkish.

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