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Emperor Qinzong of Song

Northern Song emperor

Died when: 61 years 22 days (732 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Emperor Qinzong of Song

Emperor Qinzong of Song (23 May 1100 – 14 June 1161), personal name Zhao Huan, was the ninth emperor of the Song dynasty of China and the last emperor of the Northern Song dynasty.

Emperor Qinzong was the eldest son and heir apparent of Emperor Huizong.His mother was Emperor Huizong's empress consort, Empress Wang.

In 1126, when the forces of the Jurchen-led Jin Empire invaded the Song Empire beginning the first siege of Bianjing.Frightened, Emperor Huizong intended to flee but was convinced by his officials to abdicate first and then flee.

Huizong then abdicated and passed on his throne to Emperor Qinzong, and then assumed the title Taishang Huang ("Retired Emperor") himself and fled to the countryside.

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