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Emperor Zhenzong of Song

Northern Song emperor

Died when: 53 years 90 days (639 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Emperor Zhenzong of Song

Emperor Zhenzong of Song (23 December 968 – 23 March 1022), personal name Zhao Heng, was the third emperor of the Song dynasty of China.

He reigned from 997 to his death in 1022.His personal name was originally Zhao Dechang, but was changed to Zhao Yuanxiu in 983, Zhao Yuankan in 986, and finally Zhao Heng in 995.

He was the third son of his predecessor, Emperor Taizong, and was succeeded by his sixth son, Emperor Renzong at the end of his reign.

From 1020 he was seriously ill, but retained power despite this.Because of his illness, day-to-day rule of China was often placed in the hands of his third wife, Empress Liu.

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