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Ernest Hollings

United States Senator

Died when: 97 years 95 days (1167 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Ernest Hollings

Ernest Frederick "Fritz" Hollings (January 1, 1922 – April 6, 2019) was an American politician who served as a United States senator from South Carolina from 1966 to 2005.

A conservative Democrat, he was also the 106th governor of South Carolina, the 77th lieutenant governor of South Carolina, and a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

He served alongside Democrat turned Republican Senator Strom Thurmond for 36 years, making them the longest-serving Senate duo in history.At the time of his death, he was the oldest living former U.S. senator.

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Hollings graduated from The Citadel in 1942 and joined a law practice in Charleston after attending the University of South Carolina School of Law.

During World War II, he served as an artillery officer in campaigns in North Africa and Europe.After the war, Hollings successively won election to the South Carolina House of Representatives, as lieutenant governor, and as governor.

He sought election to the Senate in 1962 but was defeated by incumbent Olin D.Johnston.Johnston died in 1965, and the following year Hollings won a special election to serve the remainder of Johnston's term.

Hollings remained popular and continually won re-election, becoming one of the longest-serving Senators in U.S. history.Hollings sought the Democratic nomination in the 1984 presidential election but dropped out of the race after the New Hampshire primary.

He declined to seek re-election in 2004 and was succeeded by Republican Jim DeMint.

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