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Victor Marijnen

Dutch politician

Died when: 58 years 43 days (697 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Victor Marijnen

Victor Gerard Marie Marijnen (21 February 1917 – 5 April 1975) was a Dutch politician of the defunct Catholic People's Party (KVP) now the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party and jurist who served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 24 July 1963 until 14 April 1965.

Marijnen studied Law at the Radboud University Nijmegen obtaining a Master of Laws degree followed by a postgraduate education in Agricultural economics at the Rotterdam School of Economics where he obtained a Bachelor of Economics degree.

Marijnen worked as a civil servant for the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Agriculture and Fisheries from August 1941 until November 1957 and as a trade association executive for the Christian Farmers and Gardeners association (CBTB) February 1949 until April 1951 and for the Catholic Employers association (AKWV) from November 1957 until May 1959.

After the election of 1959 Marijnen was appointed as Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries in the Cabinet De Quay taking office on 19 May 1959.

After the election of 1963 Marijnen was asked to lead a new cabinet and following a successful cabinet formation formed the Cabinet Marijnen and became Prime Minister of the Netherlands taking office on 24 July 1963.

The cabinet fell just 19 months into its term and he wasn't offered a post in the new cabinet.Marijnen left office following the installation of the Cabinet Cals on 14 April 1965 but returned as a Member of the House of Representatives serving from 27 April 1965 until his resignation on 14 January 1966 as a backbencher.

Marijnen also became active in the public sector as a non-profit director and served on several state commissions and councils on behalf of the government.

Marijnen continued to be active in politics and in September 1968 was nominated as the next Mayor of The Hague taking office on 16 October 1968.

On 5 April 1975 Marijnen died after suffering a fatal heart attack at his home at the age of just 58.Marijnen was known for his abilities as a skillful manager and effective consensus builder.

During his premiership, his cabinet were responsible for several major reforms to health insurance, the public broadcasting system and dealing with the fallout of the marriage between Princess Irene and carlist Carlos Hugo of Bourbon-Parma.

He holds the distinction as the last Prime Minister to have served as Mayor and his premiership is consistently regarded both by scholars and the public to have been below average.

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