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Judy Buenoano

American serial killer

Died when: 54 years 360 days (659 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Judy Buenoano

Judias V. "Judy" Buenoano (born Judias Welty, also known as Judias Goodyear and Judias Morris) (April 4, 1943 – March 30, 1998) was an American serial killer who was executed for the 1971 murder of her husband James Goodyear.

She was also convicted for the 1980 murder of her son Michael Buenoano and of the 1983 attempted murder of her boyfriend John Gentry.

Buenoano is also acknowledged to have been responsible for the 1978 death of her boyfriend Bobby Joe Morris in Colorado; however, by the time authorities made the connection between Buenoano and Morris, she had already been sentenced to death in the state of Florida.

Buenoano is also believed to have been involved in a 1974 murder in Alabama, and in the 1980 death of her boyfriend Gerald Dossett.

After her arrest, Dossett's body was exhumed and analyzed for signs of arsenic poisoning.No charges were laid in that case.

Buenoano was the first woman to be executed in Florida since 1848.

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