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Robert Venturi

American architect

Died when: 93 years 85 days (1118 months)
Star Sign: Cancer


Robert Venturi

Robert Charles Venturi Jr. (June 25, 1925 – September 18, 2018) was an American architect, founding principal of the firm Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, and one of the major architectural figures of the twentieth century.

Together with his wife and partner, Denise Scott Brown, he helped shape the way that architects, planners and students experience and think about architecture and the built environment.

Their buildings, planning, theoretical writings, and teaching have also contributed to the expansion of discourse about architecture.Venturi was awarded the Pritzker Prize in Architecture in 1991; the prize was awarded to him alone, despite a request to include his equal partner, Scott Brown.

Subsequently, a group of women architects attempted to get her name added retroactively to the prize, but the Pritzker Prize jury declined to do so.

Venturi is also known for having coined the maxim "Less is a bore", a postmodern antidote to Mies van der Rohe's famous modernist dictum "Less is more".

Venturi lived in Philadelphia with Denise Scott Brown.He is the father of James Venturi, founder and principal of ReThink Studio.

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