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Sammy Baugh

American Footballer

Died when: 94 years 275 days (1137 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Sammy Baugh

Samuel Adrian Baugh (March 17, 1914 – December 17, 2008) was an American professional football player and coach.During his college and professional careers, he most notably played quarterback, but also played as a safety and punter.

He played college football for the Horned Frogs at Texas Christian University, where he was a twice All-American.He then played in the National Football League (NFL) for the Washington Redskins from 1937 to 1952.

After his playing career, he served as a college coach for Hardin–Simmons University before coaching professionally for the New York Titans and the Houston Oilers.

Baugh led the Washington Redskins to winning the NFL Championship in 1937 and 1942 and was named NFL Player of the Year by the Washington D.C.

Touchdown Club in 1947 and 1948 for his play.In both of his Player of the Year seasons, he led the league in completions, attempts, completion percentage, and yards.

In 1947, he also led the league in passing touchdowns, interception percentage and passer rating.Primarily known for his passing prowess, Baugh led the league in completion percentage a record eight times, passing yards four times, and three times in passer rating, among other statistics.

However, he was also known for his versatility—having the ability to play at a high level as a punter as well as a defensive back.

Throughout his career, he led the league in yards per punt five times, as well as yardage in 1943, a year in which he also led the league in defensive interceptions, with 11.

His yards per punt of 51.4 during the 1940 season still stands as an NFL record as of 2020.Baugh was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the 17-member charter class of 1963, and was also selected to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team in 1994 and the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team in 2019.

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