Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 12-Aug

Died on This Day (12-Aug)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
DJ Arafat DJ Arafat Ange Didier Houon , known professionally as DJ Arafat, Arafat Muana and various other stage names, was an Ivorian DJ and singer who made music in the Coupé-Décalé genre. Ivorian disc jockey and musician 33 1
Martin Sostre Martin Sostre Martin Ramirez Sostre was an American activist known for his role in the prisoners' rights movement. American activist 92 5
David McLetchie David McLetchie David William McLetchie CBE was a Scottish politician who served as Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party from 1999 to 2005. Scottish politician 61 7
Robert Robinson Robert Henry Robinson was an English radio and television presenter, game show host, journalist and author. TV Presenter 83 9
Charlie Norman Charlie Norman Charles Norman, also known as Charlie Norman , was a Swedish musician and entertainer. Swedish musician 84 15
Enos Slaughter Enos Slaughter Enos Bradsher Slaughter , nicknamed "Country", was an American Major League Baseball right fielder. American baseball player and coach 86 18
Loretta Young Loretta Young Loretta Young was an American actress. Starting as a child, she had a long and varied career in film from 1917 to 1953. American actress 87 20
Kyu Sakamoto Kyu Sakamoto Kyu Sakamoto and raised as Hisashi ƌshima , 10 December 1941 – 12 August 1985) was a Japanese singer. Japanese singer and acttor 43 35
Joseph Storey Joseph Storey Joseph William Storey was an internationally renowned architect based in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Canadian architect 52 45
Hermann Struve Hermann Struve Karl Hermann von Struve was a Baltic German astronomer. German astronomer 65 100
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim , was a Sudanese writer, women's rights activist and socialist leader. Politician and human rights campaigner 88 3
Lauren Bacall Lauren Bacall Lauren Bacall was an American actress. She was named the 20th-greatest female star of classic Hollywood cinema by the American Film Institute and received an Academy Honorary Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2009 in recognition of her contribution to the Golden Age of motion pictures. American actress and singer 89 6
Joe Kubert Joe Kubert Joseph Kubert was a Polish-born American comic book artist, art teacher, and founder of The Kubert School. Polish-born American comic book artist 85 8
Isaac Bonewits Isaac Bonewits Phillip Emmons Isaac Bonewits was an American Neo-Druid who published a number of books on the subject of Neopaganism and magic. Neopagan leader, author, and neo-druid priest 60 10
Christian Boussus Christian Boussus Christian Boussus was a left-handed French tennis player who found success in the 1920s and 1930s. Left-handed french tennis player 95 17
Jim Hughes Jim Hughes James Robert Hughes was an American professional baseball player. American baseball player 78 19
B. Kliban B. Kliban Bernard "Hap" Kliban was an American cartoonist. American cartoonist 55 30
F. S. Platou F. S. Platou Frithjof Stoud Platou was a Norwegian architect. He worked for the international architects Lars Backer and Erich Mendelsohn before he established his own architectural firm in Oslo. Norwegian architect 76 40
Pavel Ignatieff Pavel Ignatieff Count Pavel Nikolayevich Ignatiev was an Imperial Russian politician who served as Education Minister for Tsar Nicholas II. Russian noble and politician 75 75
David Bierens de Haan David Bierens de Haan David Bierens de Haan was a Dutch mathematician and historian of science. Dutch mathematician 73 125