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Davide Danti

Italian illustrator/artist/translator

Died when: 73 years 158 days (881 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Davide Danti

Davide Danti (Milan, 27 February 1938 – Pisa, 4 August 2011) was an Italian illustrator/artist/translator.His major works include "Il Murale Grande" in Milan Town Hall, and "Florence Nightingale", a large outdoor mural on the wall of the Croce Bianco of Codiponte, Lunigiana.

There are many other examples of his work in Lunigiana, where he maintained a studio and was frequently employed by the local Commune to decorate and beautify buildings.

He regularly illustrated magazines and publications such as "Solidarieta Come" (see No 255, 1 August 2006) and was an accomplished translator in the English, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

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