Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 30-Apr

Died on This Day (30-Apr)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Peter Mayhew Peter Mayhew Peter William Mayhew was a British-American actor. English-American actor 74 1
Ueli Steck Ueli Steck Ueli Steck was a Swiss rock climber and mountaineer. Swiss rock climber and mountaineer 40 3
Ben E. King Ben E. King Benjamin Earl King was an American soul and R&B singer and record producer. R&B Singer 76 5
Benzion Netanyahu Benzion Netanyahu Benzion Netanyahu was an Israeli encyclopedist, historian, and medievalist. Israeli historian 102 8
Gerry Ryan Gerry Ryan Gerard Ryan was an Irish presenter of radio and television employed by Raidió Teilifís Éireann . Irish broadcaster 53 10
Kioumars Saberi Foumani Kioumars Saberi Foumani Kioumars Saberi Foumani also known with his pen name Gol-Agha , was an Iranian satirist, writer, and teacher. Iranian satirist, writer, and teacher 62 16
Maung Maung Kha Maung Maung Kha Maung Maung Kha was Prime Minister of Burma between 1977 and 1988. Prime Minister of Burma 74 25
Jules White Jules White Jules White was a Hungarian-American film director and producer best known for his short-subject comedies starring The Three Stooges. Film director 84 35
Aubrey Abbott Aubrey Abbott Charles Lydiard Aubrey Abbott was an Australian politician and administrator of the Northern Territory. Australian politician 88 45
Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician who was dictator of Germany from 1933 until his death in 1945. German leader 56 75
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Joel Kovel Joel Kovel Joel Stephen Kovel was an American scholar and author known as a founder of eco-socialism. American scholar and author 81 2
Harry Kroto Harry Kroto Sir Harold Walter Kroto FRS , known as Harry Kroto, was an English chemist. English chemist 76 4
Chris Harris Chris Harris Chris Harris was an English actor, director and writer. British actor, writer and director 71 6
Apostolos Santas Apostolos Santas Apostolos Santas , commonly known as Lakis, was a Greek veteran of the Resistance against the Axis Occupation of Greece during World War II, most notable for his participation, along with Manolis Glezos, in the taking down of the German flag from the Acropolis on 30 May 1941. World War II Greek Resistance fighter 89 9
Wim Esajas Wim Esajas Siegfried Willem "Wim" Esajas was a middle-distance runner from Suriname, who qualified for the Athletics at the Men's 800 m event at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy and was supposed to be the first Surinamese Olympian. Surinamese athlete 70 15
G. V. Atri G. V. Atri G.V. Atri was an Indian singer in the Kannada language . Indian singer 35 20
Mark Zborowski Mark Zborowski Mark Zborowski was an anthropologist and an NKVD agent . American anthropologist and spy 82 30
Luis Muñoz Marín Luis Muñoz Marín José Luis Alberto Muñoz Marín was a Puerto Rican journalist, politician, statesman and was the first elected governor of Puerto Rico, regarded as the "Architect of the Puerto Rico Commonwealth. American politician 82 40
Inger Stevens Inger Stevens Inger Stevens was a Swedish-American film, stage and Golden Globe-winning television actress. Swedish–American actress 35 50
Walter Booth Walter Booth Walter Booth was a Major General, manufacturing Entrepreneur, and United States representative from Connecticut. American politician 78 150